Looming Recession Will Trigger Economic Darwinism8

It’s impossible to log on to a financial website these days without seeing an article about the coming recession. Here’s one on Reuters reporting the views of Greg Jensen, co-Chief Investment Officer at Bridgewater. As for U.S. business economists, here are their predictions for 2020. Concerns are also welling up in Germany. And, here’s a final link to an article registering the opinions of 500 CFOs, not quite half of them from North America.

These predictions are not without foundation. Quantitative tightening, trade and tariff wars, corporate bond devaluations, a partially inverted yield curve, and carnage in the stock market may foretell, if not have triggered, a coming decline in GDP. For those wanting more information about leading indicators of recession, I commend to you these excellent SA articles, the first contributed by Atle Willems in 2016, and the second written just recently by new SA contributor, Benjamin Solomon.

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