Top 7 Cryptocurrency Killer Apps10

If we want to see another bull run where the crypto market explodes to over 1 trillion dollars, we need to have more use cases for the various cryptocurrencies out there. While there are quite a few high quality killer apps for Bitcoin and other coins, their userbase is nowhere near what it needs to be. In this article we will outline some of the top cryptocurrency killer apps. These projects are ranked based on the amount of users and activity they have.

Online trading card games (TCGs) are extremely popular. Hearthstone is the most popular TCG registering over 70 million players in November of 2018. In Hearthstone, you can buy card packs and add cards to your collection from which you can build decks. While that works, the problem is you don’t really own those cards. The company running Heearthstone – Blizzard – are the ones who have full control over your account and the cards within it. Wouldn’t it be great if you actually had full ownership of the cards you buy? Wouldn’t you want the option to buy and sell the cards on an online marketplace just like you can with your Yu Gi Oh or Magic The Gathering cards on eBay?

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