Peter Brandt Claims the Bitcoin Bull Market Hasn’t Arrived yet0.78

It is evident there are plenty of people looking for guidance when it comes to the future Bitcoin price. The current market momentum seemingly makes very little sense to people unfamiliar to this cryptocurrency. After last year’s massive surge, it now seems Bitcoin is firing on all cylinders as well. Peter Brandt, an infamous financial expert, seems to be capitulating on Bitcoin as well.

When going back in time to January of 2018, most people will remember the Tweet sent out by Peter Brandt. This particular financial expert quickly got on a lot of Bitcoin holders’ bad list by effectively claiming the value of BTC would plummet to $4,000 or even lower. At that time, no one expected such a wild prediction to come true several months later. Interestingly enough, Brandt wasn’t too far off the mark with his prediction.

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