EOS Overtakes Stellar Lumens (XLM) for the Top 4 Spot-3.29

With today’s market action, we are seeing the price of most cryptocurrencies rise on average about 10%. EOS is leading the rally with an over 23% gain in the past 24 hours. The recent price spike for EOS also meant that it overtook Stellar Lumens in the top 4 spot by marketcap.

One thing many people didn’t know is that EOS did in fact have an ICO, and the value of the tokens raised amounted to roughly $4 billion. There is a lot of confusion in the cryptocurrency community what EOS is exactly. In most simple terms the best way to describe EOS is it being a direct competitor to Ethereum. You can launch ICOs on the EOS platform just like you can with ETH, and you can build dApps on the platform just like you can with Ethereum.

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