The Ledger: Waiting for Apple’s Blockchain, the Crypto Czar and More Basis Fallout6.39

It’s the fall of 2020, and the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system contains a bold new feature: 100 blockchain tokens that consumers can use to purchase news articles. Meanwhile, the company has worked behind the scenes with news outlets like Fortune and the New York Times to ensure they can accept the Apple tokens as a seamless form of payment. The service quickly catches on and many Apple users buy additional tokens, providing a boost for the news industry and a victory for blockchain boosters who have long touted the technology as a superior way to pay.

This is just speculation, of course. I have no idea what Apple has planned for iOS 14 or if the company is serious about building a blockchain. But the idea is not far-fetched. It’s come up in conversation I’ve had with consultants and entrepreneurs, who all agree that it’s going to take a tech giant like Apple to make blockchain payments work at scale.

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