EOS Price Hits $2.15 but EOS/BTC Trend Could Retrace-5.24

As there is a lot of bullish momentum forming across the cryptocurrency markets, it is only normal some currencies rise much stronger than others. Today, it would appear to be a good day to buy, sell and trade EOS for profit. The current EOS/USD and EOS/BTC gains are pretty interesting to keep an eye on moving forward. Now that one EOS is valued at $2.15 and more, the coming days will prove crucial to find support.

In a way, it is quite interesting to see altcoins get a second lease on life now that Bitcoin is finally crawling out of its hole. While these gains are by no means locked in place for the foreseeable future, this brief uptrend is more than needed at this time. As such, there is a good chance the EOS price will remain in the green for most of the day, barring any mishaps affecting the Bitcoin price later today.  it also reaffirms how EOS needs Bitcoin momentum to note some gains these days.

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