Five Unsolved Challenges of Crypto Security Tokens0.74

Security Tokens are the latest hot topic in the craziness of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Not only in the press, but also among investors who are savvy to find “the next killer application on the blockchain”. At TenX (, we recently announced our TenX reward token as a mix of a traditional and innovative investment vehicle. While defining this token both from a legal and regulatory perspective however, we did find several challenges that might make a scalable breakthrough for security tokens not as easy as hoped. So, let’s step into Alice’s crypto shoes and climb down the rabbit hole.

During events all around the world where I speak on the status quo of TenX, the future of blockchain and how to become #cryptofit, I ask the question, whether the audience knows what this new overly hyped thing called a crypto security token might be. Mostly, less than 10% in the room do. With that in mind let’s first get an overview, of what we are actually talking about here:

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