Legendary Investor: Bitcoin (BTC) Could Bottom At $3,000, Altcoins To Crash8.77

Peter Brandt, a legend in the commodity investment realm, recently sat down with CoinTelegraph to discuss his opinions on the current bear market. Although Brandt has traded traditional markets for decades, nearing five at this point, he lauded Bitcoin (BTC).

Discussing the bearish market conditions, Brandt first claimed that one of the “best things you can do [in trading]” is keeping your money intact, likely bashing the sentiment that “HODLing” or risky day trading can produce stellar profits in the long run. The American trader, who has authored a number of essential trading primers, added that while cryptocurrency diehards see “fiat” as a no-go, those who have “HODLed” government-issued currency have been “far better off than those stubbornly deciding that BTC will go to $100,000.”

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