Dogecoin Price Remains at $0.002 as Market Cap top 20 Looms-1.36

When all cryptocurrencies go through another round of bearish momentum, one would expect every single asset to follow the same pattern. In the real world, however, that is not always the case. Dogecoin continues to surprise a lot of people first and foremost, and its value continues to remains table for the time being. As such, it is a bit more successful than all other currencies available today.

As has been documented multiple times throughout the year 2018, Dogecoin is sometimes more of a stablecoin than the actual stablecoins themselves. Its value doesn’t budge all that much even during the worst of times. Today is no exception in this regard, although there is a minute dip in USD value to contend with. Even that deficit may not necessarily remain in place for very long.

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