Google’s year in search 2018: the World Cup, Fortnite GIFs and Bitcoin124.36

Google’s annual Year in Search is more than a digital record of the events, stories and phenomena that captured our attention over 12 months. It’s a reckoning, or computation, on what mattered to society in any given year — and sometimes even signal where it’s headed. And 2018 showed a world transfixed on one sporting event, one wedding, celebrity deaths, natural disasters and politics.

In 2018, the global community was locked in on the World Cup. The final match was between France and Croatia; we’ll let you Google who won. The world was also transfixed on high-profile deaths of musicians, scientists and artists. Seven of the 10 top Google searches globally were of people who died in 2018, including theoretical physicist and author Stephen Hawking, rapper Mac Miller, the DJ Avicii, comic book creator and icon Stan Lee, celebrity chef, author and TV personality Anthony Bourdain, and fashion designer Kate Spade.

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