Bitcoin (BTC) Falls To $3,400, Crypto Shorts Ramp Up — Sell-Off Inbound?-1.32

After days of unrest in the industry, and the perpetuation of a seemingly endless downtrend, the crypto market at large has failed to undergo a bullish breakout, with Bitcoin (BTC) continuing to falter at $3,400. Since Ethereum World News’ market update posted on Monday, the aggregate value of all cryptocurrencies has fallen to $109 billion, down 1.8% from the day prior. Trading volumes are slightly up over Monday, up by $0.2 billion to $6.9 billion adjusted ($13.2 billion unadjusted) in daily volumes.

The past day has seen BTC undergo a rapid sell-off in the morning, catalyzing a multi-hour lull that saw the asset hang around the $3,400 price level, where it remains at the time of writing.

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