Surviving the crypto price-plunge: the ICO projects weathering the storm-7.71

Media coverage of the crypto market over the last month has been dominated by headlines from the downright apocalyptic (“Crypto is dead”) to the self-congratulatory (“We told you so”). The bear market and investors’ resulting woes have even captured the attention of the major broadsheets. Unsurprisingly, reports that the likes of Steemit and Spankchain have been forced to cut their teams by more than 50% paint a worrying landscape of countless crypto projects who, after failing to hedge for a price-collapse, were now struggling to operate.

But amid the disarray, there is a light at the end of the ongoing tunnel that is not centered on price recovery but instead on a community invested in the future of blockchain development. The Block interviewed eight Ethereum-based projects, who say that despite their diminished valuations, it’s business as usual… for now.

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