DAPP.com Collaboration with ImperialThrone

Are you looking for a very good platform or project where your money is very sure and confident to gather?Well,.i am sure you will like my recommendation about this project after reading my message.Check this out below!!! 

Imperial Throne is a multi-player strategy war game based on the Ethereum. Provided by Dapp.com they will have Exclusive Giveaway start from Dec.6th - Dec.17th. https://bit.ly/2SuEUcP 

Dapp.com has also set in a whimsical food world with a group of lovable and tiny creatures called #Yummies.

 “Yummie" are cute animals made from food-related items. 

http://bit.ly/2UbmTln Website: Dapp.com Telegram: t.me/dapp_com

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