Browser Mining — An Effective Revenue Generation Alternative to Advertising-5.82

Advertising revenue is an important income source for the internet domain; even tech giants like Google, Yahoo, Baidu, etc., rely on it. Advertisement mediums such as premium-posting, pop-ups, banner spaces, sidebar ads, etc., generate commissions via click-through rates or sales. However, these advertisements come with a fair share of pitfalls. The revenue generated from ads is considered intrusive and adversely impacts the overall user experience, resulting in higher bounce and dropout rates. Websites that become too dependent on these ads end up losing visitors and potential customers. Below are some more critical setbacks of generating revenue through online advertisement.

When there are too many ads on a web page, it tends to negatively impact your current audience’s viewing experience and drive them away. Excessively large postings or pop-ups that take a majority of the website space can force visitors to bounce to another page altogether. Additionally, hidden exit buttons showcase that a website is not giving users any other option but to click on the ad or not visit the webpage anymore.

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