Crypto Arbitrage Today – Plenty of Juicy Profits to Explore-5.22

Making money in the cryptocurrency world requires an open-minded approach first and foremost. Numerous opportunities exist to score profits along the way, and the small price gaps should not be passed up on whatsoever. Arbitrage opportunities, for example, often revolve around exploiting minor price differences for profit. This also makes it a more appealing aspect in general, as these price gaps will always be present.

A few interesting Monero arbitrage opportunities have popped up over the past few hours. Buying XMR  on Bittrex, Bitfinex, or Kraken let users sell it on HitBTC for profits of up to 4.5%. There is also the option of buying Monero on the Kraken exchange and selling it on Livecoin for a 1.9% profit. All options are worth looking into, as arbitrage gaps of over 2% are not that easy to come by during a bearish trend.

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