How Blockchain Has Impacted the Gambling Industry158.6

While reports on the impact of blockchain seem to focus mostly on cryptocurrencies, the technology is affecting industries across the board, with gambling being the one that benefits the most from secure ledgers. The application of blockchain technology benefits both the players and the providers, and ensures the results of their bets are generated fairly and securely.

Blockchain technology managed to go from a relatively obscure and abstract concept to one of the founding principles tech companies are based on. The technology has managed to creep into almost every industry, ensuring that its presence in the coming years.

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DApps are decentralized applications that run on P2P network, built on blockchain technology and no central server or endpoint. This gives them several advantages over regular apps, offering more security, transparency, easier payment systems, and better data storage. Dapps is something new that really just started with the release of Ethereum. 

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