Top 5 Ways to Combat Conference Fatigue14.7

Ever since Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology became more mainstream in late 2017, there has been no shortage of conferences. As any marketing managers for blockchain companies (or even just fintech companies in general) will tell you, their inboxes are brimming with special speaking offers, sponsorship opportunities, and conference partnership emails — all of which promise to be the next big thing in the cryptocurrency space. Regardless of which one attends, going to too many can induce conference fatigue. Fighting conference fatigue is not as easy as one may think, but important to keep one’s sanity.

It might seem attractive to go to as many of these as you can and it’s understandable that some of these are held in places you’ve always wanted to go. However, just because Conference A is held in Tokyo, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the conference is worth attending. Do your homework, see who is hosting it, the topics covered, and ascertain whether it is even worth attending. If it doesn’t this does not necessarily mean that the quality of conference is poor, but that it doesn’t make sense for your industry.

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