This New $55 Cryptocollectible Can Collect Real Dust-7.61

Cryptocollectibles, like the (in)famous CryptoKitties, generally exist in digital form only. Tying physical artwork to unique, digital tokens is notoriously difficult, but a new type of cryptocollectible that launched today is attempting to bridge this gap.

CryptoKaiju are vinyl toys that look like cryptocurrency-themed monsters (hence the name—“kaiju,” which translates from Japanese as “strange beast”). Creator Oliver Carding has collected designer vinyl toys, like Kaws, since his late teens, and he founded CoinJournal, a blockchain news site, four years ago. His combined interests brought up a new use case for nonfungible ERC-721 tokens, the type that ensure the uniqueness of each CryptoKitty. They could verify the “provenance, authenticity, and scarcity” of vinyl toys, he told BREAKER from his home in Manchester, U.K.

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