U.K. Startup Launches Crypto-themed Toys; Oh, and They’re on the Blockchain30.72

Just in time for the holidays, a U.K. startup is launching a line of crypto-themed toys

Concerned about the absence of provenance and authenticity for designer toys, CryptoKaiju has launched a set of uniquely collectible toys that are traceable on the blockchain. Its flagship first figure, designed to illustrate a monster with a Bitcoin theme, is dubbed “Genesis,” a nod to the first block in a blockchain. The monster is on sale now for $55 plus shipping.For each Genesis toy purchased, the buyer will get a unique token that sits within a smart contract. The token will detail the toy's metadata, including birth date, color, gender, a brief description and personality traits — which is where the scarcity comes in, creating a varying demand for the toys, as no single toy will ever be alike.

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