Ethereum Co-Founder Vitalik: IBM Blockchain Is “Missing The Point”19.38

In recent years, as “Bitcoin”, “Ethereum”, and “blockchain” became common sounds in the global vernacular, a number of innovation-friendly corporations and forward-thinking startups have sought to implement this nascent innovation into their businesses. However, while many firms seem good-willed with their blockchain ambitions, some skeptics believe that these corporations could mean ill, or, at the very least, are leveraging 2017’s Bitcoin boom for questionable gains.

Since Ethereum’s rise to prominence in 2017, innovators across the world have tinkered with the “world computer” in a bid to build ground-breaking applications, which may one day catalyze the worldwide adoption of crypto assets. Although valiant strides have been made towards this goal, by none other than diehard Ethereum developers, not swayed by the appeal of the corporate nickel and dime, others have jumped on the blockchain bandwagon to only catch the trend.

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