Crypto Arbitrage Today: BCH, ADA, XMR, Dash, Qtum, XML-3.39

More volatility has become apparent in the cryptocurrency markets, which also means additional arbitrage opportunities become apparent. Today is no different in this regard, even though a lot of traders are hesitant to move funds around while losses continue to pile up. The following six altcoins can be taken advantage of regardless.

Another day comes around and the price on Kraken for privacy-oriented altcoins is still low compared to other platforms. In the case of Dash, its value on Kraken is lower compared to Livecoin, Gate, Poloniex, and HitBTC alike. This allows for an easy profit of up to  2.6%, depending on overall platform liquidity first and foremost. It is one of the more attractive arbitrage options, as there are numerous exchanges involved.

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