OKEx Launches OKPiggyBank for Users to Earn Interest on Spare Digital Assets0.81

Earlier today, the cryptocurrency exchange of OKEx launched a new value added service for its users. This new service is known as OKPiggyBank and as the name suggests, it allows users to earn daily interest using their spare digital assets. Although initially available to a tester group, the new service can be found in the ‘Account’ tab on the user interface of the trading platform. It will soon be available to all users of the platform.

Users can transfer assets between their OKEx account and the OKPiggyBank anytime in real time and without a minimum limit. Interest will start accruing on the second day. Rewards will be credited on the third days. There is also an ‘Auto Balance Transfer’ function that once activated, will enable the automatic transfer of the balance in the wallet to the OKPiggyBank.

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