Checkmate: Bitcoin Cash Hash War Ends With SV Surrender20.72

Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin SV, Cryptocurrency–As the cryptocurrency markets continue to slip into another day of price fall, with headlines across the internet declaring Black Friday savings for Bitcoin and altcoins, the BCH fiasco encapsulated in the recent “hash war” is finally coming to an end.

While the original Bitcoin Cash was at the center of a naming controversy when it split from Bitcoin Core in August 2017, with BCH figurehead Roger Ver claiming the coin to be the true iteration of Bitcoin, the subsequent hard fork on Nov. 15th has been far more contentious. The resulting factions from Bitcoin Cash, named Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV, have been at one another’s throat since the split, with supporters of each doing their best to besmirch and tear down the other–with the ultimate loser being the entire industry of cryptocurrency. Similar to the earlier split of BTC and BCH, both coin communities and developers wanted to claim the “official” title of Bitcoin Cash, thereby holding sway over the majority of investor interest and brand appeal. However, the lack of consensus across the industry–a combination of exchange support, developer weight and algorithmic hash production–led to an ongoing conflict where by both parties suffered.

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