Dogecoin Price Remains Far More Stable Than Other Currencies36.44

Volatility is often the name of the game in the cryptocurrency industry. That isn’t really too surprising either, primarily because financial markets tend to gain and lose value quite regularly. For Dogecoin, it seems the most recent wave of market pressure is not disrupting its overall position. In fact, it remains somewhat stable, primarily because of its gains over Bitcoin.

Although this has been stated before, few cryptocurrencies can weather volatility storms in this day and age. In fact, it often seems as if stablecoins and non-crypto assets like XRP and XLM tend to ignore Bitcoin’s price trend first and foremost. Over the past few months, Dogecoin has begun showing similar traits, which is all one can ask for at this stage of maturity. Even today, the altcoin is maintaining its value up to a certain extent.

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