BCH Hash Wars and Tether Manipulation: Not a Good Look for Cryptocurrency-3.35

Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Cryptocurrency, Tether (USDT)–On a day where the crypto markets are finally seeing scant amounts of green, after one of the most precipitous drops in valuation to punctuate 2018’s bear cycle, investors still have to contemplate the impact of cryptocurrency’s most controversial projects: Tether and Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Cash, which appeared to have spurred some investment life back into the crypto markets in the days leading up to the Nov. 15 hard fork, as eroded the good will of the investment base by a raging conflict between the factions of the now split coin. While both parties seek to gain legitimacy in the eyes of the community, the investment landscape of cryptocurrency has suffered in the interim. Bitcoin Cash’s greed driven price-pump, like all hard forks, has pulled the carpet out from under cryptocurrency, leading to a price fall that has most of the general public heeding the “I told you so,” sentiment of most outside analysts.

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