Minor Litecoin Price Momentum Keeps Market Cap Above $2bn6.86

It has not been a good week for most cryptocurrencies so far. All markets lost significant value and the total market cap is down by several dozen billion. For Litecoin, things are not looking all that bad, even though the altcoin is currently unable to reclaim the $35 level as stable support. That situation may come to change sooner or later, assuming the trading volume picks up and Bitcoin doesn’t reverse course.

It has been a brutal first half of the week for all major cryptocurrencies. Once Bitcoin loses value, all bets are off for altcoins, tokens, and digital assets alike. This week has been no different in that regard, even though most people had hoped for some alternative markets to decouple themselves from Bitcoin during this crucial time. That hasn’t happened so far, nor will that change in the coming weeks.

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