The Skeptics Bash The Crashing Crypto Market, The Optimists Foresee A Bounce Back0.69

Bitcoin is down 78 percent, Litecoin is down 85 percent, Dash is at 90 percent and VeChain is down an astonishing 99 percent. November has been a grueling month for crypto investors, and the skeptics have taken this as their cue to reiterate their anti-crypto stand. Some have trolled the industry, others have been on the “I Told You So” wave, while others have relegated cryptos to a dead industry. And yet in the nightmare, there are those that have continued to hold onto hope, confident that this is the darkness before dawn. This could be the most crucial time in cryptos’ history.

Cryptos are divisive and have been since they began getting mainstream recognition and use. However, the division has never been more apparent as it is now. On the one side, we have the skeptics who have held on to the belief that cryptos are a scam. This group is having its best time at the moment as they remind the crypto-verse that they ‘told them so.’

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