BCHSV Price Loses Another 37% as Struggle Intensifies-1.37

It should come as no surprise to learn the BCHSV price has taken a massive beating over the past few hours. Considering how Bitcoin and all other currencies are down in the dirt over the past few hours, no asset seems to escape the black hole sucking all of the money out of the cryptocurrency industry. As such, there are plenty of market trends to take note of, although escaping the bearish pressure is pretty much impossible.

No one is surprised to learn BCHSV is performing well below expectations. Ever since the title of Bitcoin Cash returned to the seemingly rightful owner, things have not gone according to plan for this altcoin. In fact, the value per BCHSV has continued to drop significantly over the past few days, primarily because the 0.03 BTC value could not be maintained for more than a few hours.

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