Coinbase Pairing Helps Stellar XLM Despite Plummeting Crypto Markets14.62

Coinbase, Cryptocurrency, Stellar (XLM)–As cryptocurrency tests new lows for 2018, with the overall outlook for the market looking even more bearish in an already abysmal investment year, Stellar XLM has managed to weather the storm thanks to a previous announcement by U.S. based exchange Coinbase.

On Nov. 19, following days of slumping cryptocurrency prices which wiped tens of billions from the market capitalization, the industry took another plunge to $160 billion, with top ten currencies across the board falling double digit percentage points in addition to last week’s bloodbath. However, Stellar XLM has managed to weather the price fall storm relative to the rest of the market, with prices still above what they were during the summer following the Coinbase announcement.

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