Bitcoin ABC Still Leads But Bitcoin SV Is Catching Up, Both Mining At Losses0.85

Bitcoin Cash went through its hard fork on Thursday, November 15 at 17:52 UTC after the mining of block number 556,767. Almost two days later, the two factions that remain are Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV. While SV had the lead in mining power before the split at over 70 percent, the tables turned immediately the fork activated and ABC took the lead straight away. ABC has held on to that lead, at one point being 50 blocks ahead. However, SV has been quickly catching up in the past 24 hours, at one point being only 6 blocks behind. However, research has indicated that both are mining at losses.

It was a fork that the whole industry tilted its attention towards, and it didn’t disappoint. Before the fork, Coin Dance indicated that SV had a towering lead over ABC on mining power. According to the analytics website, SV had the support of SV Pool and Coingeek, two pools that reportedly controlled more than 51 percent of the network hash rate.

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