Exchanges Start Labeling BCHABC as “BCH” Despite Ongoing Hash War0.73

Cryptocurrency exchanges are seemingly convinced BCHABC will remain the predominant chain of Bitcoin Cash following the network split. Although things look to be in favor of this implementation, both Bittrex and Coinex are taking a very controversial stance. They let users trade BCHABC tokens as “BCH”, even though nothing has been permanently decided in this regard as of yet.

The Bitcoin Cash hard fork and subsequent network split have caused quite a stir. Two viable networks have emerged, as Bitcoin Unlimited (Status Quo) has fallen off the radar altogether due to a lack of miner and node support. As such, the focus now lies on both BCHABC and BCHSV. Both chains are still neck-in-neck for market dominance, and it would appear SV has been catching up to BCHABC over the past day.

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