To Hodl or to Sell, the Question Every Investor Is Grappling With in This Bear Market4.85

To follow your gut and hodl through the storm, or to yield to the market and sell before a possible continued bear market? This is the question many crypto investors have been grappling with in the wake of a $25 billion wipeout in the market. Bitcoin lost close to $1,000 in a few tumultuous hours earlier today as most cryptos saw red. And while it’s slowly recovering, the progress is slow and not yet convincing. Altcoins haven’t fared any better, leaving many investors at a loss of what to do. So, to hodl or sell…

To determine whether one should hodl or sell, it’s imperative to first determine the cause of the dip in the market. Some have attributed it to the upcoming Bitcoin Cash hard fork which is only hours away. With both factions fighting for supremacy, the market is understandably jittery as it awaits the fork.

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