Marc Andreessen: Bitcoin Is A “Very Important Idea”22.37

Marc Andreessen, one of the internet’s foremost entrepreneurs and investors, has recently doubled-down on his pro-Bitcoin sentiment, divulging that cryptocurrency is a “fundamentally new and very important concept.” This notable nod of acceptance from such a luminary indicates that this budding industry continues to pick up steam, even whilst the crypto market continues its tightrope walk.

In early-2014, when Ethereum was a fledgling concept and Bitcoin (BTC) was far under quadruple digits, Marc Andreessen, the mastermind behind a number of the early-stage internet’s foremost startups, came out in full support of crypto via a New York Times op-ed piece. At the time, Andreessen likened Bitcoin to the Internet and personal computers (PCs), claiming that the now-world-renowned decentralized network holds “enormous promise” to usurp and re-imagine a good majority of the world’s traditional facets.

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