Ethereum Developer: Serenity Is Moving Really Fast, Sharding By 20204.87

Ethereum, officially launched in 2015, was first lauded as a decentralized, open-source, and public platform that would allow for on-blockchain computing and data processing. And as such, the project, which touted its blockchain as a so-called “world computer,” quickly garnered traction from every corner of the crypto industry. In a testament to its rapid rise to prominence, Ether, the native digital asset of the Ethereum ecosystem, quickly bounded past a majority of altcoins to firmly situate itself in the crypto market’s top 10.

But as the network’s ecosystem swelled, seeing an influx of active users and daily transactions (think CryptoKitties), it became apparent that Ethereum’s Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanism, which was partially parented by Satoshi Nakamoto’s SHA256 system, wouldn’t stand the test of time.

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