Basic Attention Token Price Plummet Continues as Technical Fundamentals Indicate More Pain-3.18

Even though a lot of people had high hopes or the Basic Attention Token price, things often turn out very differently. In the case of BAT this weekend, things are not looking all that great, especially because the price continues to take a battering in fairly quick succession. No new highs will be noted by the look of things, and it seems the Coinbase effect will keep dragging BAT down even further.

It is rather crucial to see how things have evolved for BAT. This altcoin has garnered a lot of attention in recent weeks because it would get listed on Coinbase. That effectively pushed the price to very high levels, albeit most people know this couldn’t be sustained forever. Ever since trading on Coinbase, BAT has not regained the $0.3 level and continues to fall at an alarming rate.

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