Man Jailed For Sending An Explosive Device To Crypto Company For Failing To Recover His Password0.4

How far are you willing to go to recover your crypto assets? For one Swedish man, losing his password was bad enough, but when he received no help from the company that held the assets, he resulted to vengeance. The man sent a package to the company that contained an explosive device after the company declined to reset his password. The package was intercepted before the device could go off. After months of investigations, DNA evidence linked the package to the man and he has since been convicted of attempted murder and sentenced to six and a half years in prison.

In August 2017, before cryptos skyrocketed in prices, one Swedish man lost the password to his account with the London-based crypto platform, Cryptopay. He then emailed the firm requesting that it changes his password and sends him a new one. Naturally, the company declined the request as this went against its privacy policy. The man, identified as Jermu Michael Salonen, didn’t take this lightly.

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