Crypto Caselaw Minute, Week of 11.4.18: Bitmain chases a ghost, Canada cracks down on coin deal-11.97

The Block is delighted to bring you expert cryptocurrency legal analysis courtesy of Stephen Palley (@stephendpalley) and Nelson M. Rosario (@NelsonMRosario). They summarize three cryptocurrency-related cases on a weekly basis and have given The Block permission to republish their commentary and analysis in full.

This week we look at John Doe’s day in court, centralized control over coins in an ICO, and a throwback to the Dread Pirate Roberts showing just how compelling circumstantial evidence can be. These topics (and more) in today’s Crypto Caselaw Minute. (As always, Rosario summaries are “NMR” and Palley summaries are “SDP.” Palley and I are happy to be joined by Canadian lawyer Evan Thomas, who provides an update on the PlexCorps case from Quebec).

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