What Should your ICO Marketing Plan look like in Q4 2018?6.12

As we near the end of 2018, one thing is becoming increasingly obvious — ICOs are slowly being taken away from the everyday crypto enthusiast. I’m not blaming regulations, that’s still up for debate, rather I’m referring to the switch of investment majority from retail to institutional.

According to a variety of reputable reports (Cryptovalley, Icorating, Tokendata, Grayscale), one can see that the trend currently sits at around 60% institutional investors and 40% retail, with the market shifting further towards institutional every quarter. With nearly 84% of the total funds being raised through private and presales, it should come as no surprise that the ICO marketing game is changing. So what does this mean for the average ICO trying to launch in today’s market? You can find what the ICO marketing plan looked like at the beginning of the year in this article.

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