Litecoin Price Stabilizes Near $55 Before the Next Uptrend Materializes0.72

A lot of people had all but forgotten about Litecoin prior to the altcoin making some serious moves earlier in 2018. Although it may take a while until LTC surpasses $250 again, the current momentum isn’t half bad either. Gaining stability at the $55 level will be the first priority right now, as its rising trading volume should make that possible. The small loss over Bitcoin can become a slight concern, though.

Although this has been coming for some time now, Litecoin has struggled a bit prior to reaching $55. While its value has remained surprisingly stable between $45 and $50 for a long period, traders and speculators are always looking for the next leg up. In the case of Litecoin, the recent push to $55 has allowed for some interesting momentum, although it seems finding stability will become the next logical objective.

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