Market Still Hot for Asia’s Largest Freelancer Marketplace App-1.18

Customer-to-customer (C2C) platforms are already part of our daily lives. As a result, some of the world’s largest online communities are C2C platforms; Amazon is known and used worldwide whereas Craigslist and Taobao dominate their respective markets. YouDeal is a new player in the C2C platform industry and one that is set to change not only the service industry but the way we work forever.

YouDeal is a blockchain-based C2C personal and freelance services platform. It connects service providers, who are hired based on the services they offer and reviews of these services, to service buyers. Every user can both provide and hire services from the same account. The use of blockchain technology allows the platform to boast superior security and data privacy to its competitors, guaranteed and automatic payments through smart contracts, and legitimate, validated user reviews. Blockchain application allows for the removal of traditional obstacles associated with C2C services platforms, but also allows for the creation of a tokenized payment method, in this case, ‘YD Token’. Tokenized payments benefit users through international, instantaneous transactions but are also the perfect way to combat the user leakage associated with service platform predecessors.

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