Coinbase Joins Binance In Support For Impending Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Fork30.55

Although the crypto community has one goal, and one goal only — to usurp the powers that be — certain controversial factions within this budding industry remain more divided than ever before, failing to come to a consensus regarding the future of a certain blockchain, the Bitcoin Cash Network. These disagreements have led Coinbase and Binance, two prominent startups in this ecosystem, to preemptively introduce support for potential forked BCH, which may be parented by an upcoming protocol upgrade.

For the uninitiated, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin’s foremost competing chain (fork), hard forks its blockchain twice a year to integrate and activate scheduled protocol upgrades. Although the network’s previous upgrades went mostly unhampered, the next one, which is set to drop on November 15th, is looking rather precarious, to say the least.

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