How Bitcoin AND Stablecoins Can Dominate the Future of Cryptocurrency20.7

Cryptocurrency, Stablecoins, Bitcoin (BTC)–As stablecoins, the new industry of cryptocurrency that is focused on price stability, continues to gain traction relative to Bitcoin and the altcoin market, competition is going to mount over the viability of transacting as adoption grows. While stablecoins offer a fair amount of utility in terms of a digital tender, Bitcoin comes with the added layer of true decentralization (i.e., not tethered to the value of an external entity), allowing it to operate on a more libertarian platform for those inclined to debate the political utility of crypto. Bitcoin, and the altcoin market, also offers the ability for projects to appreciate with earned value–or price speculation–similar to the stock market.

While 2018’s prolonged bear market has soured most investors to the price variability of cryptocurrency, in particular as it has continued to drop and trade sideways, the massive gains made throughout 2017 paint a much different picture of the industry. Because of their divergent relationship, one being price stable and the other providing the potential of investment gain, both Bitcoin (in addition to altcoins) and the growing class of stablecoins can find a bright future on the cryptocurrency marketplace.

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