Nasdaq Pledges To Help The Crypto Industry Stamp Out Fraud14.6

The cryptocurrency industry has come a long way, with Bitcoin celebrating its ten year anniversary yesterday. However, despite the great strides made, one challenge has continued to plague the industry: fraud. Nasdaq believes that it might have the answer and is willing to help the crypto industry weed out fraud from the industry. In a paper released today, the second-largest stock exchange in the world stated that with decades’ worth of experience policing all sorts of markets, it can help stamp out fraudulent activities from the crypto industry as well.

Founded in 1971, Nasdaq has had over four decades of experience in policing markets, the company said in a paper released today, November 1. Over this time, it has developed tools that monitor hundreds of diverse markets, ranging from securities to currencies. Nasdaq is looking to use these tools to stamp out fraud in the crypto industry, a challenge that has kept many institutional investors at bay.

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