Zooko Wilcox Says Regulators Like the Privacy of Zcash-1.88

Zooko Wilcox wants to dispel what he calls the “common myth” that privacy-focused cryptocurrencies like Zcash are incompatible with government regulations. In fact, he says, encryption technologies such as those baked into Zcash may one day be required by regulators as a way to protect consumers.

In Prague on Thursday morning, Wilcox took the stage at Devcon to share recent technical advances he and his team have made with Zcash and to clarify the regulatory prospects for the cryptocurrency he founded two years ago. “You have probably heard that law enforcement and regulators and governments fear privacy, or that privacy technology like Zcash is incompatible with regulation, and I’m here to say that’s totally wrong,” Wilcox said. “It’s not incompatible with regulation, and the actual regulators are not afraid of it and are not trying to prevent it.”

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