Bitcoin Turns Ten: Today And What’s Next?15.38

Today, on October 31st, 2018 — a date that many decentralists have been clamoring for — Bitcoin, the world’s first internet-connected autonomous network, has officially reached the youthful age of 10. While Bitcoin has been lauded as a resounding success in recent years, initially, as covered in this series’ previous edition, “Bitcoin Turns 10: A Blast To The Past,” Satoshi had trouble jump starting his brainchild.

However, as Bitcoin began to garner support from the fringes of the internet in 2010, it became apparent that the concept of decentralized technologies was sticking, and across the world at that. And since then, this industry has only been on a perpetual uptrend, as blockchain technologies, the Bitcoin Network included, have continued to see adoption, maturation, and development at an unbridled rate.

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