XAPO CEO Wences Casares Continues to Champion Bitcoin For the Right Reasons-7.37

Bitcoin (BTC), Cryptocurrency–It’s not often that discussions of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency occur without the overarching shadow of price, volatility and the wealth to made in a budding industry. However, Xapo’s CEO Wences Casares continues to be one of the strongest supporters for the industry–and for all of the right reasons.

Casares, an Argentine tech entrepreneur and founder of Bitcoin wallet and payment platform Xapo, is one of the longest tenured figures in the industry, having been a part of cryptocurrency since nearly the beginning. Casares is often cited with being the catalyst to spark the crypto and blockchain boom in Silicon Valley, merging the fast paced start-up culture with that of the decentralized development philosophy of cryptocurrency. A recent interview with Bloomberg nicknamed Casares “patient zero,” in homage for his work in getting cryptocurrency to reach the level of adoption it has at present, alluding to the frenzied ethos that often consumes supporters and investors of cryptocurrency, a sentiment that has at times been likened to an infectious virus.

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