TRON (TRX) Price Dip Has Little to Do With Adoption, Development-3.24

TRON (TRX), Cryptocurrency–On Monday, investors of TRON’s TRX currency watched as the coin fell nearly six percent over the course of two hours, a significant drop to continue the bear cycle that has been established throughout 2018. However, as investors searched the internet to find what caused such an abrupt dip in TRX pricing, it soon became clear that the entire market was suffering from a simultaneous sell-off, one likely tied to the price of Bitcoin.

A cursory look a Coin Market Cap and other crypto price tracking websites reveals a pattern that has become common over the last six months: altcoin prices, across the board, are almost entirely dependent upon the movement of Bitcoin. While this has traditionally been to the benefit of the altcoin market, as BTC exhibits a much higher brand-recognition and investment potential than even coins in the top ten of market cap, the slumping price of crypto throughout 2018 has created a frustrating dead-end for most altcoin growth.

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