Lionel Messi to Endorse Blockchain-Based “Finney” Mobile Phone12.82

Lionel Messi – the Barcelona playmaker that is often described as the most naturally talented Soccer player of all time, is to endorse the world’s first blockchain mobile phone, as reported by UK newspaper The Independent. The organization behind the project, Swiss-Israeli-startup Sirin Labs, claim to specialize in multi-layer cyber security through the utilization of blockchain technology.

The smartphone, which is labeled as the “Finney”, is supported by a Google Certified fork of Android, which it calls Sirin OS. On top of having the underlying technology secured by blockchain technology, the Finney handset will also will also have a cold wallet application that allows users to safely store their cryptocurrency. Furthermore, the in-built Sirin app store will facilitate a range of decentralized applications (dApps). One such example is a dApp that will allow Finney users to exchange mobile data or battery power in return for digital tokens.

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