Of Life, Death, And Cryptos: What Happens To Your Digital Assets When You Die?6.69

Securing crypto tokens hasn’t always been a smooth affair, and it gets even harder when matters of inheritance are concerned. A crypto is basically a virtual currency that’s been coded and protected with strong encryption protocols. As is the case with Bitcoin and others, these encryptions are impossible to crack.

Since Bitcoin debuted into the global market and more cryptocurrencies followed, a straight-forward solution is yet to be found to handle cases of people who pass away and how to smoothly transfer their digital assets to their next of kin. One fact that complicates the prospects of such a process is the manner in which ownership of digital currencies is manifested. Since the owner keeps a special private key that’s not to be disclosed to other parties, coupled by the fact that ownership of cryptocurrencies is basically anonymous, there’s really no easy way to get around such cases.

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