ZCash (ZEC) Meets Monero (XMR) Bulletproofs With “Sapling” Protocol4.39

As reported by Ethereum World News in the past weeks, the Monero (XMR) bulletproof protocol has quickly been hailed as a resounding success, with transaction fees plummeting by upwards of 97% and transactional data sizes seeing an 80% haircut. Just recently, in a testament to the success of Monero’s blockchain upgrade, Binance and Bittrex, two of the foremost crypto platforms, dropped Monero withdrawal fees to 0.0001 XMR (~$0.01) to better accommodate consumers.

While Monero transaction fees aren’t nearing that of its primary competitor just yet (~$0.0002), the ZCash Company, a for-profit organization behind the blockchain project that shares its name, has sought to better its privacy features through the so-called “Sapling Protocol.”

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